VP of Sales & Marketing

David Farris

David Farris joined Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. in May of 2016. Mr. Farris has established branding and advertising initiatives in the cannabis marketplace focused on creating an unparalleled experience. With oversight of creative direction, David serves as a multidisciplinary graphic designer working on projects ranging from product packaging to web development/design. In addition to creative efforts, he directs media relations and administers strategic sponsorships and events. Mr. Farris holds a B.S. in Business Administration – Marketing from University of Nevada.

Robert Groesbeck

Co-CEO / Board Member

Chris Wren

VP of Operations

Larry Scheffler

Co-CEO / Board Member

William Vargas

VP of Finance

Adrienne O'Neil

Board Member

Lee Fraser

Board Member

David Farris

Director of Marketing

Leighton Koehler

General Counsel

Dennis Logan